Monday, October 4, 2010

Chosen Ones - Adopting with Albinism

I am amazed by this story.  A couple who adopted three boys from China who have albinism.  In China, those who have Albinism have no chance of going to school, getting jobs, getting married etc. they don't have much of a future.  Also I heard that in Tanzania people who have albinism are being murdered and their limbs being taken off because it has been said that their body parts will make them rich. This is horrific. I had no idea this was happening in other countries. There is a need for adoption with albinism. Get on it.
I love the lady when she says, "We could just get old, or we could get old and do something."

Chosen ones from preston gannaway on Vimeo.

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  1. What a beautfiul story...thank you so much for sharing. My husband has occular albinism as do two of our grandsons. My husband is legally blind but is a COmputer Programmer.
    It saddens me that people would hurt anyone with this genetic disorder.
    Thank God for those willing to make a difference.