Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inside Out

These passages have been hitting me from this book I started reading called "Inside Out" by Larry Crabb:
"Feel the deepest longings in your soul that will never be fully satisfied till heaven.  Don't be afraid of sadness.  Face the hidden sin in your heart that makes it clear how thoroughly undelightful you are.  Don't be afraid of brokenness.  Let the pain of disappointed longings and the guilt of terrible sin drive you to consider the gospel of God's grace in a new way.  Only then will Christ enter your life deeply and change you from the inside out, instilling in you a growing awareness of His relentless, unfailing love and a sustaining hope for a better day."

"We were designed to enjoy a better world than this.  And until that better world comes along, we will groan for what we do not have.  An aching soul is evidence not of neurosis or spiritual immaturity, but of realism."

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