Thursday, February 24, 2011

#1. Tulips.
One of my favorite flowers. I love their shape, I love their color, I love how they droop a little sometimes. I droop sometimes too. They make me smile.
#2. Buttons.
I have a bowl that I collect buttons in. All shapes, all colors, all sizes. I can envision someday sitting down with a little person and going through each button and talking about it's shape, it's color, it's size. Each button perfectly created. Oh my heart smiles.
#3. Little Chocolate Donuts.
I have a thing for chocolate. I have a thing for donuts. I have a thing for little chocolate donuts. You know, those little ones that leave that film in your mouth afterwards? I love them. I have been known to eat an entire bag...or tub of them. the end. smiling.
#4. Scraps of Fabric.
I found these pieces at a store in Fredricksburg. They were 25 cents & 75 cents. I have a thing for cheap things and a thing for funky fabric. It makes me smile.
#5. Old Books.
We walked into an old antique store in Fredricksburg and the entire basement was filled with old books. It looked like a library. It was beautiful. I love the smell of old books. I love imagining the people that owned these books and what they were like. I found an old hymn book owned by Mabel from 1939. Mabel...was she a worship leader? It makes me smile to imagine.
#6. Vintage Flower Earrings.
I found these on an etsy sight and fell in love with them. They match a vintage necklace I have, that my sister gave me. I just love them. So cute.

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  1. EMILY! i just have to say... even though in some ways we are different we are also so much alike (besides the obvious love of worship). Just to name a few here: I also love tulips! (my favorites!) I love scraps of fun funky fabric, I love old books, I LOVE those earrings, and in a former life, I was known to eat those very donuts EVERY MORNING for breakfast. :)

    Love you girl!