Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Let the Countdown Begin!

A flight has been booked for me to go home to Iowa for 10 days in two weeks.
I cannot wait.
There is something about going home to the place that I grew up; spending time with my sweet nephews and my niece; having silly, running to the bathroom, crazy times with my mom and my sisters, that is just so good for my soul.
The last couple of months have been really hard. Dealing with health issues, being jobless, and a multitude of other things that seemed to all end up happening all on top of each other at the same time.
God is definitely teaching me so much during this season, and it's good. Hard...but good.
Sometimes when things get hard, I just want my family. Thankfully, I have the time to spend a good chunk of time with them, and all the kids are out of school.
They even said they are saving me some sparklers. I have a feeling some sparkler dances are in our near future!
I can't even handle these pics, and I can't wait to hug all these babies (not so baby anymore though.)
It's gonna be a good time!

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