Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Promise Cards for Christmas!

"These scriptures were the exact thing I needed to read today." 
"I have them sitting on my desk at work and I read them throughout the day. It makes working a little more enjoyable!" 
"I gave them to a friend who has cancer and she was so encourage by these promises and will sit and read through them while she is getting her chemo treatment."

It has been so encouraging to hear back from people who have purchased some promise cards & scripture cards to see how God has used them!  Each one has their own story and I love to see God's word be alive and active through these cards!

Christmas time is coming up and these cards could be a great gift idea...or a stocking stuffer!! Or they can be "just because"! Even if you got a bundle for yourself...that is ok too! 

These new and improved cards are now at a lower price!! $15!!

So here is the deal...
  • It's a 4x6 index sized card 
  • Promise Card: Truth on the front, scripture on the back.
    Scripture Card: Scripture reference on the front, scripture on the back.
    (they can also be made one-sided)
  • Each uniquely designed & professionally copied.
  • $15 for a bundle of 5 cards. (plus shipping)
  • Put them in your bag, use them as bookmarks, put them on your mirror, stick them on the refrigerator, put them next to your bed to read at night or in the morning, pin them on the bulletin board at work, stick them in your car...the options are endless!
  • Keep them for yourself or buy them for a friend!
Check out these slideshows of some examples: (each picture is front & back)

Promise Cards:

Scripture Cards:

If you are interested in purchasing a bundle, email me at emilyward527@gmail.com 
I will send you a list of all the promises that you can choose from, or you can let me know if there are specific promises or verses you want...or I can make a bundle for you!

Feel free to pass this along to anyone who would be interested...blog about it...tweet about it...get the word out!

**My hope and prayer for these cards is that they would not be empty words you read over and over and over but my prayer over each card that I make is that the Spirit of God who breathes life, would move powerfully through these truths and through these scriptures to encourage, inspire and change life. He is alive and active, His word is alive and active...let HIM move your heart.**

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