Saturday, June 16, 2012

Some Of My Favorites

Here are some videos/songs that I have been loving lately...check it:

I saw this guy perform at a conference I went to last month. He was AMAZING. He's a cello beat boxer. LOVE.

Sometimes I just listen to this song over and over again and get lost in the simplicity and repetition yet power, in this cry to God... (there is some silliness at the end of the video. love it.)

Mr. David Ramirez always amazes me with his passionate writing and rough vocals. AMAZING.

The Staves absolutely blew me away when I saw them for the first time at The Civil Wars concert I went to. They opened the show and never before have I been to a concert where the opening act got a standing ovation! Unbelievable. Here is one of my favorite songs...


  1. I like them all Em! I think my fav is the cello-beatbox! So cool!!!! Love u friend! Mich

  2. So -the cello beatboxer is in the a cappella group Pentatonix. They are awesome: