Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Girl Crush

I'm supposed to be working on a lesson I'm going to be teaching but it just seems impossible to actually do any work right now. The 2% achiever in me is NOT at work right now. Instead I've been watching youtube videos of Pink. I love her so much. She is so bad ass, her voice is so rock star, her hair is mesmerizing, her body is ridiculous...I may have a slight girl crush. I'm pretty sure we would be friends.

Check out these videos:

The end of this video is ridiculous with her voice...

I'm sorry but she is actually singing with all of her acrobatic work. What?! I'm thinking I'm going to do this routine next Sunday...

And just for fun because I just saw these pics that my sister just posted on facebook and they have nothing to do with Pink but they are ridiculously cute...this is my nephew Max...

Oh give me those dimples. I can't even handle it. I love being an aunt so much.

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