Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Hands Float Up Above Me

In our backyard we have a little shed/house type of thing. I recently decided to turn it into a little art room/music room/quiet time/worship room.
It's been so good for me.
I've spent a lot of time out there and I've been creating a lot. The dreamer in me has come out even more.  I love sitting by myself with a good playlist on.  All of my different colors of paper, different colors of paint, my sharpies, the things that my mom & sisters have created on the walls, I love it. I can sit for hours creating things. Then I turn around & pick up my guitar and sing some songs & write down some lyrics & melodies.  I've even just gotten down on the floor on my face & prayed. I've stood up & twirled around & danced. I've raised my hands in the air crying begging God to change my heart so that it looks more like His. Begging Him for restored relationships. Begging Him for peace & contentment. It's just me & Him & I love it. It has filled me up so much this week.
Tonight I turned the lights down and was spending time singing and worshiping, with my hands up in the air and I looked over at a piece of art that my sister created for me and gave to me.  It was so sweet & I felt like God just gave me a little hug. Here is the piece of art:
Such sweetness.

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