Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Friday. Get Excited

I have quarantined myself to my room for the past week. In the midst of all my travels this summer I have caught pink eye and tonsillitis. boo. I was supposed to fly out to Chicago on Wednesday to be with one of my best friends who is getting married on SUNDAY! I postponed my flight and I leave TODAY! I figured it would be better to be at home in my quarantined room resting instead of infecting the bride and the whole bridal party.
My friend Jamie just posted about what she is excited about today and I thought I would join her in sharing in some exciting things. 

1. I feel SO much better. I'm not completely back to normal...but definitely better. I'm so thankful. I've had some peeps praying hard for healing in my body and I'm thankful that God answered & is quickly healing my body. He is so kind. 
2. I fly out TODAY for Chicago! I absolutely LOVE Chicago. Being from Iowa, this city was our vacation city growing up. I'm excited to be in the city but most of all that I will get to be with 2 of my best friends! Mich (Christy) is getting MARRIED!!! My other friend AJ is the maid of honor and I'm a bridesmaid. It's going to be so much fun. I have shared so many fun memories with these girls and I can't wait to spend the weekend with them!
3. I get a massage tomorrow. We are having a spa day with the bridal party and AJ got me a massage! When I was at the dr. this week she said that I needed a massage, so this is perfect! I can't wait. This summer has been a rough one and I think it's all building up in my shoulders and neck. This massage will be wonderful! 
4. Monday when I get back into town, Jamie is picking me up at the airport and we are heading to Port A with 15 of our other girlfriends for a week at the beach! These girls are some of the best girls I know and I'm so thankful for each of them. I'm excited to have a fun & memorable time with them. What happens in Port A...stays in Port A. 
5. My August 2012 playlist. I get made fun of for my playlists. I have one for each month of songs that I'm listening to over and over that month. I have to say that my August 2012 playlist is pretty amazing. 

Here is what I'm reading that you should get on board with (you can click on the pic & it will take you to amazon): 

Jesus Calling: 

A Place of Healing:

The Calvary Road:

Made to Crave:

Here are some songs on my August 2012 playlist:

Lovely - Sara Haze

Winter Song - The Head and The Heart

We Are (Live Acoustic) - Kari Jobe

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