Friday, December 10, 2010

Breakaway // LIVE

I have been truly blessed to be part of an amazing ministry in College Station, TX at the campus of A&M University called Breakaway.
Aaron, the guys & I are on a rotation to lead worship for this event on Tuesday nights. It is such an honor to be part of this team of people who love Jesus and desire HIS name to be made GREAT! The weeks we are not there the Jeff Johnson band & Jourdan lead or Jeremy McCasland and Donna Stuart lead. All of these bands are AMAZING!
We had the privilege to release a LIVE album to capture the worship that we get to experience on Tuesday nights. For students to be able to take home with them something that they can worship with outside of Tuesday nights.
This last Tuesday night we had our release party and worship night! It was GREAT!
All the bands were there and we each did a set and then all sang together at the end.
SO fun!!
Here is a video of behind the scenes:

We actually made it to the #2 slot of the Christian/Gospel section on iTunes!!!
If you want to get the CD:

Breakaway Ministries

Here are the songs:
1. The Name -- Aaron Ivey Band
2. Beauty of the Cross -- Jeff Johnson Band
3. Ruin Me -- Jeff Johnson Band
4. Be Thou My Vision -- Donna Stuart, Emily Ward
5. How Great Thou Art -- Aaron Ivey Band
6. Hallelujah What A Savior -- Aaron Ivey Band
7. Jesus Savior // Doxology -- Jeremy McCasland, Jeff Johnson
8. Radiate -- Donna Stuart, Jourdan Johnson
9. Solid Rock -- Jeff & Jourdan Johnson
10. Found -- Aaron Ivey Band


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