Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Can.Not.Wait.

I texted my sister Jill yesterday and told her that I needed her to take pics of the kids and send them to me. I just needed them and I couldn't wait.
I will be there tomorrow.
But I couldn't wait.
So this was the series of pics I received.
um...he didn't want to do it. 
But I couldn't wait. I need them now.

Then I got to skype with my other sister Laura and the kids. 
Cause I couldn't wait. 
The best part was talking with Lily Margaret, here was the best conversation: 

Me: So Lily, we should make a list of fun things to do when I get there.
Lily: Yeah! 
Me: So...what should we do when I get there?
Lily: (She gets real close to the camera): "Snuggle". 

OH my heart. done. 
Then she goes and posts these pics on facebook.


I can.not.wait. Between Max's dimples and Lily's lovliness my heart will be full!!

Side note: when I skyped with them yesterday I was wondering where my stocking was. 
I just got this text. 
"Ok...we are ready for you to come now."
Amazingly ghetto and I love it.

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  1. I admire(and always have) how much joyful sweet love you have in you and how freely you give it.