Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Conversation w Lily: "A Huge Salami"

So I was talking to my niece Lily Margaret on the phone yesterday:
This is how our conversation went:

Me: Hey sweet girl! how are you?
Lily: Good.
Me: How was school today?
Lily: Good.
Me: Did you have someone come to talk to your class?
Lily: Yeah.
Me: Who was it?
Lily: It was a lady who lives in Japan. The ground shook really bad and then there was a huge salami that knocked down the houses.
(oh Lord help it. my heart. bless her.)
Me: Oh wow.
Lily: But her family didn't get hurt.
Me: That's good! I'm so glad her family is ok.
(later on in the convo...)
Me: Lily, I'm so excited for you to come to Texas and visit me! Are you so excited!?
Lily: Yeah! Do you have a family?
(here we go...)
Me: Nope. Just Roommates. They are my good friends.
Lily: What are their names?
Me: Amanda, Jordan, Staci & Ani
Lily: What are their favorite games?
Me: That's a good question...I'll have to ask them.
Lily: Do they like to do crazy dances?
Me: yes. they sometimes do crazy dances.
Lily: well, I'm getting kinda tired now.
Me: Oh! ok...does that mean you are done talking?!
Lily: yeah...you wanna talk to mom?!

Oh my. LOVE this girl.

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