Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Night at Breakaway

Last Tuesday night the guys and I led worship at Breakaway.
Breakaway is one of those ministries that I just love. They are so great. Amazing staff, amazing volunteers, amazing students. God is at work on the campus of A&M.
Our usual routine for a Tuesday is to drive the 2 hours to College Station.
I usually drive up separate since there is not usually room in the band van and let's just be's probably stinky in there. Plus it gives me a chance to invite a friend to come with me, it's usually a lot of fun. Playlists, snacks, laughing, catching up on life, or just sharing life stories and sometimes a game of "Hey Cow".

Here's a quick story you will enjoy:
There was this one time that I ended up going up by myself and I accidentally got pulled over for speeding...and...I had not put my updated registration sticker on my car. oops.
I didn't get a ticket.
Well that SAME night on the way home...I accidentally get pulled over again for speeding. oops.
OH...and it was the SAME cop that pulled me over earlier that night. oops.
His words after looking at my license and my registration sticker that was still out of date from earlier that night: "Did I talk to you yesterday?"
Me: "uh...well...that was actually earlier this evening" *insert cute little grin* "yeah, sorry about that."
I didn't get a ticket. *insert cute little grin*
You better believe that I set my cruise control at the speed limit now and always.
the end.

So once we arrive in College Station we usually eat dinner at Blue Baker, which has amazing pizza.
We sometimes get weird looks.
We definitely look like we are from Austin and even got asked by a Blue Baker employee:
"Are y'all together? cause y'all don't look like you are from here? What are you doing here?"
Makes sense when you look at us with our skinny jeans, tattoos, big beards, white hair, crazy haired selves... and when Cauble is with pants.
After dinner we make our way over to Reed Arena to set up and sound check. When we arrive there is a crew of guys ready to help carry everything in and help set up. They are amazing!

One thing that I have been so thankful for is the hospitality team. They set up the green room each week and they provide us with treats and drinks and every once in awhile they will throw in some fun a whoopie cushion key chain. Perfect for the band van.
They also ask us each week how they can be praying for us.
They know how to love us well. We are so thankful and we love them back.

We pray together for God to do His thing & for His name to be lifted up.
Then we head out to worship.
*picture from breakaway ministries*

They get after it. So much fun.
*picture from breakaway ministries*

Breakaway usually starts at 9:00pm. By the time we get done and get on the road it's about 11:00-11:30pm. 2 hour drive home. We are old. But it's SO worth it! 
This ministry also does a thing called Shalom Project, where they raise money for those in need. This year they wanted to send money to two different organizations that would rescue kids in India and Haiti from human trafficking. 
The goal that they set was $27,000.
In the 4 weeks that they had this project they raised $119,000!!!!!! 
This means that 19 girls in India will be rescued from a life of sex trafficking and 165 children in Haiti will be free from slavery. 
This is HUGE. College students giving up their money, selling their possessions, sacrificing to make a difference. Love. this. You can read more about this here. 

I have met so many amazing people through breakaway. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to lead with Aaron & the boys, and to work with such amazing people at Breakaway Ministries. So blessed & so humbled. God is truly truly GOOD.

If you want some music to listen to you can download our live album that we recorded with the other worship leaders of Breakaway, Jeff & Jourdan Johnson, Jeremy McCasland & Donna Stuart.
Breakaway // Live


  1. Emily,

    I am so glad that you get to be a part of Breakaway. i interned with them for a year after a couple of years of volunteering. It was one of the most character-shaping experiences of my life. I love this ministry. I love the students and staff and vision. And I am so proud of those students for their obedience in the Shalom Project. It's particularly blessing me this year because As Our Own is another ministry I LOVE. And I was in India with them in Decemeber loving on those girls (and being loved on by them).

  2. Umm. . . this reminds me of several years ago, driving with YOU from DSM to IC, when you were SPEEDING in your sister's car, and there was NO current registration in the glove compartment, and your words to the cop were, "Yeah, sorry about that. . . (cute smile)."

    And you didn't get a ticket THEN either. Looks like someone needs to stage a speeding/registration intervention for you sister. :)

  3. I used to attend breakaway as a new believer at a&m! Love that y'all lead worship there! Blue baker opened my junior year- one of my college station faces!!!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. I don't know where to start... I can't believe how huge it, praise the Lord that many college kids together worshiping the Lord, praise the Lord you get to lead them, the team that takes care of you, is AMAZING and so thoughtful, how much money the college kids gave and what they are giving for, astounds me, oh my goodness! AWESOME! If they ever need a tech director, you let us know and I will tell Phillip we are moving!! Side note: The driving story is great too! You and my husband both get out of every ticket and I GET a ticket EVERY time I am pulled over!!