Friday, March 4, 2011

The Kimyal People: A Little Taste of Heaven

I was reading out of my Bible Doctrine book this morning.
You heard that right...I was reading and I was reading theology.
I have been reading about the bible and how it is God's word. I've been reading about God and how every person has an inner sense that God exists.  God created us that way. God gives us His word to know more about Him, so that our inner sense of knowing that there is a God grows to knowing Him deeply.
I came across this video from JD Greear's blog and was so moved by this story, especially after processing through all that I'm reading. A church in Indonesia for the first time received the New Testament in their own language. These people are so beautiful.
Watch this:

The Kimyal People Receive the New Testament from UFM Worldwide on Vimeo.

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