Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Than Just Set Lists

There is coming a day when this blog will be so much more than just set lists!
Man...I was looking back at my old blog and it made me sad that I haven't been very good about updating this blog over the last few years.
Blogging had been a way for me to journal and to write and to let my peeps in Iowa know what my life is like here in Texas. I've been so bad about it.
Well...starting September 15th, I'm going to be taking a get trained class that my friend is teaching. So as not to think that she will take it easy on me...she is going to be loading me with lots of homework.
Part of my homework is going to be blogging...daily. It will consist of things I'm learning, reading, creating, doing. Hopefully it will be interesting.
For those who care and are interested...keep checking back. I promise. It will be more than just set lists!
If no one ever reads this...that's ok! This is also just for me as a way of writing and journaling and just as a creative outlet.
So read if you'd like. I welcome you into my life.

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